Sebastian Celea is the president of the Romania-Latvia Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, and the CEO of Capital Finance in London, a leader in the financial industry, and Thomas Kramer have said that lifelong friends and brilliant networkers believe that business must be fun above all else.

Thomas Kramer, better known as TK, said after years of occasional meetings on trips to Monaco, St Tropez, or London, he and Celea were sharing their growing business and secure and sunny lifestyle in Dubai.

According to him, Calea followed his advice and moved to Dubai and became a huge fan of living there In addition to his business ventures.

“After my daughter, Joya moved in with him in 2010, I adopted a healthy lifestyle, losing 26 kilos in nine months. I moved to Dubai in 2013, partnering with a leading business incorporation agency to offer highly customized services for residency permits, company incorporation, and bank accounts.

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