Rota International Holding Group is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, Rota Capital, has recently completed a merger with Capital Finance Limited. The merger will expand Rota Capital’s brokerage services and increase the share capital of Capital Finance Limited to 20 million euros.

Sebastian Celea, CEO of Capital Finance Limited, expressed his views about the new development of his company by stating,
“The merger is a mutually beneficial move for both companies. Through Capital Finance Limited, we have attracted the attention of several international investors, and Rota Capital was one of the first to express interest in investing in our company. We appreciate that a merger is much more advantageous for both parties.”

The merger will allow Rota Capital to increase its turnover and international exposure in a competitive field. Capital Finance Limited recorded a turnoverof 10 million euros in 2021, and the company estimates that the data for 2022 will indicate an increase of more than 15 million euros. Rota Capital has beennoted for its innovative facilities and high-quality services offered to clients since 2017. The intelligent financial solutions proposed to clients have amounted to over 100 million euros.

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